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Visit KCCB to discover the lush green beauty and peaceful setting of Koh Chang,Thailand. This homely resort is located between beach and cliff, on Kai Bae Beach and offers 46 rooms in a variety of styles, to suit all tastes and budgets. All rooms offer views of either the sea or the jungle-covered hills.

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These rooms are perched on the cliff face commanding a spectacular view of the sea below. With it's overhanging balcony, lounge away the day and watch the sunset set over in the distance.

Deluxe Private Pool



​The perfect stay for those looking for the ultimate romantic escape.

The room offers a private and secluded plunge pool for you and your partner with a view of Koh Chang mountains and forest in the distance.




The perfect stay for those looking for the ultimate romantic escape. These individual units are set amongst tropical trees and perched on the cliff face to provide a private romantic escape in beautiful surroundings.

Why koh chang 

A lot of people asked us “Why Koh Chang? It’s a long trip from Bangkok, followed by boat, no roads
…” - and at the time, any resort that even had electricity was considered luxurious! But when we first
visited Koh Chang back in 1988, and discovered Kai Bae Beach, which was just a tiny fisherman
village, we fell in love! We saw the land, and just found so much charm in it with it’s hidden beaches
and forest. It was truly picturesque and looked so postcard perfect that we knew it was meant to be.
What followed, to build our resort, was no easy feat. Its taken a lot of perseverance, hard work and
graft! Brick by brick, everything had to be transported to the island from the mainland. Material had
to cross the sea by barge then carried across to the other side of the island, over the hills on dirt
tracks, on numerous trips. Once, we even had to transport concrete powder while running away
from a typhoon! The islands’ rainy season often made things even more difficult, as we would have
to wait days or even weeks for the rain to stop, just to get some buildings completed!

At times, it’s felt like a very long road ahead … In those early days, it wasn’t always easy to persuade
people to work on the island; it didn’t suit everyone without some of the mod cons of every day life
on the mainland, or the promise of full time stable jobs. However we persevered, and over time we
built up our close knit family of staff, a community who also see the benefit to working alongside us
with the same ethos. A lot of our team have had chance to change profession, which in turn is also
supporting their families.

Our mission since day one has been to create a small, homely resort; a place for similar minded,
nature loving people to take a holiday. We have planned and built individual rooms and small
bungalows nestled within the forest; a resting place for the soul and the mind, away from the
routine of daily life and the hustle and bustle of the city.

From that day to this, our resort maintains that ethos. Yes, the materials may have changed in
keeping with modern life and changes with technology, the roads are here, and electricity is flowing!
There are also a lot more hotels and resorts, but our mantra stays the same; if you are doing it
because of love, that passion will always shine though. We hope those who come to visit us now and
in the future, who come to love and understand the island as we have, will view Koh Chang Cliff
Beach Resort the way we have always intended it to be.

“We believe Nature is Life.All trees are saved in our understanding in The Nature’s soul to pass on to the next generation”

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