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Resort Surroundings

“We believe Nature is Life. All trees are saved in our understanding in The Nature’s soul to pass on to the next generation”

Our mission is to inspire young people to explore and connect with the natural wonders in wild spaces by making             as little impact as possible to our natural setting.


Private Beach

Due to our location at the end of the beach, we offer one of the most private beachfronts on Koh Chang! You get privacy, soft sand and a hidden hideaway cove for you to enjoy during your stay. 

At the top of our resort, is our infinity pool with the most incredible view! Enjoy our pool during the day with far reaching 180 degree views of the sea, and plenty of privacy atop the mountain ... and at sunset, well, it really is the perfect location for romance and an amazing photo opportunity! 

Infinity View

Feel at one with nature throughout our resort. We do our best to only clear the trees that are needed to build our rooms and communal areas ... and everything else, is left as it should be. A home for plants, flowers and trees to flourish and house nature throughout the resort. Enjoy the greenery during your stay with us, with a stroll around the lotus pond, or a walk up to the infinity pool at the top of the mountain ... and appreciate the nature as much as we do!

The Green We Love